EARLY CHILDHOOD eBook Available Music & Movement in the Classroom Children Sing and Dance Their Way to Better Basic Skills! • Gr. PreK–2 Featuring music by Greg & Steve, the concise, easy-to-follow lesson plans make teaching music fun and easy. Each book includes two CDs featuring over 30 fun songs. 64 pg. books/$26.99 each CTP 8016 Gr. PreK–K CTP 8017 Gr. 1–2 Includes 2 CDs Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Other Coconutty Songs CD John & David • Ages 2–9 Chicka Chicka Boom Boom; ABC Song; Braggin’ Dragon; Helicopter Man; Merry-Go-Round; Didgereedoo; and more! 140-CD...............................$14.99 Early Childhood Centers Everything You Need to Know to Implement Meaningful Centers • Gr. PreK–K In this comprehensive guide, Dr. Maggie draws from among the best field-tested ideas and research-based pedagogy to help you meet your students’ developmental and academic needs through centers. Included are creative activity suggestions for use in the various kinds of centers and standards charts to identify key learning objectives. Also included are tips for setting up the room, organizing materials, managing centers, and assessing students. CTP 1036......................144 pg./$19.99 Phonemic Awareness Playing with Sounds to Strengthen Beginning Reading Skills • Gr. PreK–2 Written by best-selling author Jo Fitzpatrick, this book includes: • more than 90 interactive activity cards • dozens of reproducible word and picture cards • comprehensive assessment Cut out and laminate activity cards to create a handy reference file of ready-to-go ideas! CTP 2332.....................128 pg./$16.99
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