BOOK BUDDY BAGS & MAKE YOUR OWN BOOK New! Make Your Own Book This blank book contains 8 pages with lines for writing, boxes for illustrations, and a sturdy card stock cover. No prep needed. Children simply open the book and write, draw, color, or paste right onto book pages. Pages can be embellished with stickers, glitter, or any other craft supplies (not included). Perfect for use in the classroom for students to publish their own book about something they have learned, a story they have written in their journal, or as a take-home gift for a loved one on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or other special occasion. This book is also great for home use. Children can create their own stories and artwork and keep the books as mementos. Children can also make a book for a friend, family member, neighbor, or teacher. It will be a treasured keepsake for many years to come. Book measures 9" x 6¼" and contains: • 8 story pages • Tips and ideas to inspire and support beginning writers • About the Author page CTP 2021......8 pgs./$1.49 ________________________________________________________________ CTP © 20161 ________________________________________________________________ CTP © 20161 ________________________________________________________________ CTP © 20161 Make Your Own Book 12-Pack CTP 2022..............$16.99 $1.49 each Book Buddy & Storage Bags Use Book Buddy and Storage Bags to keep your books and other classroom materials protected and well organized, whether they’re safely stored in your classroom or en route to or from students’ homes. Each clear, plastic bag comes with a sturdy handle. Available in 2 sizes. $10.99 per pack Best Seller! CTP 2996 10½" x 12½" (6 bags) CTP 2957 10½" x 12½" (6 bags) CTP 2994 11" x 16" (5 bags) CTP 2993 10½" x 12½" (6 bags) 95 Creative Teaching Press® Visit your local teacher supply store for these items and more!
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