SCIENCE AND MATH eBook Available Integrating Science with Reading Instruction Hands-on Science Units Combined with Reading Strategy Instruction • Gr. 1–6 These resources, written by Trisha Callella and Marilyn Marks, will integrate science with reading instruction. Each book includes 12 units with a nonfiction science story; prereading, during reading, and postreading strategies; and a hands-on science experiment. $19.99 each CTP 2814 136 pg./ Gr. 1–2 CTP 2815 152 pg./ Gr. 3–4 CTP 2816 152 pg./ Gr. 5–6 Power Practice: Science • Gr. 1-8 Reinforce and Master Fundamentals More pages, more practice!! Repeated practice is a powerful, proven learning method for mastering new skills. Each book in the Power Practice Science series contains 100 activity pages designed to provide a solid foundation of essential skills necessary for success in the classroom and on standardized exams. This series sharpens students’ skills while enhancing overall knowledge, proficiency, accuracy, and speed. All content is based on national grade-level standards. Answer key included. 128 pg. books/$14.99 each Science • Gr. 1-8 Science CTP 8324 Gr. 1-2 CTP 8325 Gr. 3-4 CTP 8326 Gr. 5-6 Human Body CTP 8302 Gr. 5-8 Physical Science © 2004 Creative Teaching PressScientific Processes11Name ____________________________________________________ Date __________________ Using a Balance ScaleA balanceis used to measure mass. Use the terms in the word box to label the diagram. Then readthe measurement on the diagrams. The balance is measuring in grams. adjustment screwsriderspointerpanbeamsscale7______________________________________ 9______________________________________ 8______________________________________ 10______________________________________ 0102030405060708090100010020030040050060070080090010000123456789100102030405060708090100010020030040050060070080090010000123456891001020304050607080901000100200300400500600700800900100001234567891001020304050607080901000100200300400500600700800900100001245678910234516 CTP 2815 Physical Science CTP 8304 Gr. 5-8 CTP 8304 CTP 2208 CTP 2636 CTP 2585 CTP 2597 I Have, Who Has? Math A Fun, Interactive Way to Learn • Gr. K–6 The activities in these books use a series of question and answer cards. Students are engaged as each player answers a question and then asks the next one. When students reach the last card, they find that it refers back to the first card. Requires minimal preparation but results in maximum participation and effort. 204 pg. books/$21.99 each CTP 2219 Gr. 1-2 CTP 2208 Gr. 3-4 CTP 2209 Gr. 5-6 Math Minutes One Hundred Minutes to Better Basic Skills • Gr. 1–8 Help students master essential math skills with the motivating, classroom-tested format featured in these books. Each book provides 100 “Minutes” of 10 problems each for students to complete within a one- to two-minute period. Math Minutes is a fun way to improve students’ problem-solving speed (crucial for testing situations) and an instant assessment tool. 112 pg. books/$16.99 each CTP 2583 Gr. 1 CTP 2584 Gr. 2 CTP 2585 Gr. 3 CTP 2586 Gr. 4 CTP 2587 Gr. 5 CTP 2634 Gr. 6 CTP 2635 Gr. 7 CTP 2636 Gr. 8 CTP 2595 Middle-Grade Instant Math Centers Hands-on, Independent Math Activities • Gr. K–1 Includes money, time, estimating, measurement, and more. These centers are designed to reinforce NCTM standards. Each center includes a step-by-step task card, support reproducibles, and a minimal list of easy-to-find materials. CTP 2597 128 pg. /$16.99 Best Seller! Best Seller!
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