New!STEAM RESOURCE BOOKS STEAM Design Challenges • Fun and engaging STEAM lessons promote analytical and reflective thinking • Students collaborate to solve real-world design challenges • Lessons enhance learning across various disciplines and integrate National Standards • All lessons are written by teachers and classroom tested 152 pg. books/$19.99 each Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math work together to make learning fun! SETTINGSTAGETHEACTIONSTEAMIN TIME FORCOMPLETIONHOURS2PRETZERELLADESIGN CHALLENGE PURPOSEDesign and construct a tower that will withstand a strong gust of wind. Pretzerella is a lesson that focuses on the concepts of engineering, art, and math. In the area of mathematics, the concept of shapes and their attributes will be necessary to complete this lesson. In addition, students will need to be able to partition shapes into parts with equal areas. The budget sheet will provide the opportunity for students to practice their fluency in adding and subtracting whole numbers. TEACHER DEVELOPMENT STEAM Design Challenges Gr. 3 © 2017 Creative Teaching Press62 PRETZERELLASETTINGSTAGETHEACTIONSTEAMINRecently, a tornado destroyed the ancient castle belonging to Pretzerella, the princess of Pretzeltown. She is devastated by this loss and needs to begin rebuilding her castle right away. The princess sent out a royal messenger to find a team of engineers to design a prototype of the new castle. The team of engineers that makes the tallest castle that can withstand strong winds for at least one minute will be the team that designs the new castle for Princess Pretzerella. There is a budget of $20.00 to build the castle prototype. Pretzerella is fond of various geometric shapes in designs. She would like for the new castle to include at least one quadrilateral, one triangle, and one hexagon or octagon. All shapes must be labeled on the blueprint. DILEMMAENGAGEProvide the Individual and Group Blueprint Design Sheets to engineering teams. Have individual students sketch a prototype to present to the other members of their team. Teams will discuss the pros and cons of each sketch and then select one prototype to construct. Note: The budget is not set in stone. You may adjust the budget amount and the cost of materials according to your students’ level of math. For example, if your students need extra practice with decimals, adjust the budget amount and materials to reflect decimal computation. MISSIONWith a $20.00 budget, you and your team of engineers must build the tallest castle that can withstand a gust of wind that lasts at least one minute. You must include at least one quadrilateral, one triangle, and one hexagon or octagon. BLUEPRINTEXPLORESTEAM Design Challenges Gr. 3 © 2017 Creative Teaching Press 65 Easy-to-follow lesson plan format PRETZERELLAEach team of engineers will follow a budget to gather the necessary materials and construct its tower prototype. Engineering teams will test their structures by placing them 3 feet from the “wind” (fan or hairdryer) and set the stopwatch for one minute. Each team should assess how its structure held up against the wind. Students will go back to their initial designs and make adjustments to their original blueprints, using a colored pencil to show the alterations. The goal is to improve their prototypes for the next trial. New designs must also have updated budget sheets with the correct calculations prior to reconstructing the prototypes. ENGINEERING TASKTEST TRIALANALYZEREDESIGN After the Test Trial, have teams take a gallery walk to view other teams’ designs for possible ideas to assist them in the Analyze and Redesign portions of the engineering design process. If teams are successful on the first try, encourage them to make their prototypes even more efficient. If it is a scenario in which this is not feasible, distribute team members to other teams to be a support for them in making their prototypes more efficient. Alternatively, at teacher discretion, move students on to the Justification portion of the lesson. If after the third test the final prototype is still unsuccessful, have students write how they would start over. These challenges are meant to have students build on what they originally designed. If the design proved to be unsuccessful, encourage a reflection or justification on what they would do if they were allowed to start again from scratch. HELPFUL TIPS STEAM Design Challenges Gr. 3 © 2017 Creative Teaching Press66 PRETZERELLAAFTER TEST TRIAL 1How long did your prototype stay standing? Which part(s) of your original prototype were successful? ANALYSISWhich features of your prototype need to be adjusted to make the structure stronger? Do you have enough money left in your budget to purchase new materials? What changes will you make to your blueprint design? AFTER TEST TRIAL 2How long did your prototype stay standing this time? Did it withstand the wind longer? ANALYSISWhat adjustments do you need to make this time? Will you need to spend more on materials to help your structure withstand the wind? AFTER TEST TRIAL 3Did your prototype withstand the wind? If so, how long did it stay standing? If not, what adjustments would you make to your prototype? REFLECTIONSEXPLAIN & ELABORATECreate a scale drawing of the castle that your team constructed. Label the geometric shapes. Write a letter to the princess explaining why your team’s prototype should be chosen as the design for the new castle. Measure the base of your tower and determine its perimeter so the princess will know how much land she needs to have available for her new castle. ARTSELAMATHJUSTIFICATIONEVALUATESTEAM Design Challenges Gr. 3 © 2017 Creative Teaching Press 67 CTP 8210 Grade 3 STEAM Resource Books Gr. K-Middle School Each book includes a year’s worth of lessons! CTP 8207 Grade K CTP 8208 Grade 1 CTP 8209 Grade 2 CTP 8210 Grade 3 CTP 8211 Grade 4 CTP 8212 Grade 5 CTP 8213 Grades 6-8 New! Visit your local teacher supply store for these items and more!
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