TEACHER RESOURCES eBook Available The Substitute Teacher’s Organizer Make Every Teaching Day a Success! • Gr. K–6 Everything a substitute teacher needs to create a professional binder filled with organizational tools ranging from personal record-keeping pages to activities and lessons designed for use at a moment’s notice! CTP 3359......................80 pg./$13.99 CTP products correlate to Common Core and state standards! Visit our user-friendly website to find out how: www.creativeteaching.com What Are the Other Kids Doing While You Teach Small Groups? The Answer to Every Teacher’s Question • Gr. 1–3 Packed with management strategies, assessment tools, and reproducibles, this classroom-tested program will provide uninterrupted teaching time with small groups and independent learning. CTP 3345.......................160 pg./$19.99 Alternatives to Worksheets Motivational Reading and Writing Activities Across the Curriculum • Gr. K–4 This book includes 40 meaningful child-centered activities, simple directions, and a teacher-friendly format to give teachers variations for seat work. CTP 3322................96-pg./$12.99 Following Directions Great for Test-Prep Practice! • Gr. 1–6 Help sharpen skills for standardized tests. Students will solve riddles, color pages, find hidden objects, and draw step-by-step pictures while following written directions. Students will listen to directions that are read aloud (or recorded) while following the oral directions. 64-pg. books/$11.99 each CTP 3397 Gr. 1–2 CTP 3398 Gr. 3–4 CTP 3399 Gr. 5–6 Best Seller! What Would You Do? A Kid’s Guide to Tricky and Sticky Situations • Gr. 2–6 This book contains more than 70 situations kids could encounter when they are on their own. Builds self-esteem, confidence, and mastery. Provides important practice in critical-thinking skills, making choices, and setting priorities. LW-294......................184 pg./$16.99 What Do You Think? Dealing with Daily Dilemmas • Gr. 4–8 More than 70 situations that address family relationships, friendships, peer pressure, honesty, tolerance, respect, and more. Problems are presented on one side of each page with suggested discussion-starter questions on the reverse. LW-221................184 pg./$16.99 Best Seller!
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