SCIENCE & TEACHER RESOURCES eBook Available NumberandShapePuzzlesName________________________________ BeautifulBirdsWorktheproblems,thencolorthebirdsaccordingtothecodebelow. Answersendingin0=redAnswersendingin4=blueAnswersendingin1=yellowAnswersendingin5=blue-greenAnswersendingin2=purpleAnswersendingin6=yellow-greenAnswersendingin3=greenAnswersendingin7=orangeI’mThrough!WhatCanIDo?Gr.5–6 .TheLearningWorks,Inc.19RainbowLoryGreen-HeadedTanagerGouldianFinchSunParakeet546–321= 789+102= 513+634=756–324= 638+212= 853+624= 472–329= 361–129= 573+422= 662+313= 851–137= 179+217= 656–423= 482–145= 191–128= 672–427= 357+826= 8128+4019=1097–432= 457+134= 166–39= 141–29= 500–139= 632–418= 549–136= 569–569= 357–224= 682–352= 358+109= 363+128= STEAM Dreamers • Fun and engaging STEAM lessons promote analytical and reflective thinking • Lessons enhance learning across various disciplines and integrate National Standards • Students collaborate to solve real-world design challenges • All lessons are classroom tested LW-400 I’m Through! What Can I Do? Activities to Keep Your Students Challenged and Your Classroom Humming • Gr. 1–6 Each activity book is filled with ready-to-use word puzzles, logic problems, creative-thinking tasks, and lots more! Great for learning centers and take-home practice. 96-pg. books/$14.99 each LW-399 Gr. 3–4 . LW-400 Gr. 5–6 Teacher, I’m Done! Now What Do I Do? The Perfect Solution to an Age-Old Problem • Gr. 1–2 This must-have resource provides dozens of creative-thinking activities to keep those little minds challenged and on task. Activities include brainteasers, logic challenges, puzzles, and much more. CTP 3343......................96 pg./$14.99 See Pg. 117 for more information CTP 4440 Gr. 1 CTP 4443 Gr. 4 CTP 4441 Gr. 2 CTP 4444 Gr. 5 CTP 4442 Gr. 3 I Have, Who Has? Science A Fun, Interactive Way to Learn • Gr. 3–8 Each book features 12 or more different interactive games based on a particular life science, earth science, or physical science theme. As with other books in the I Have, Who Has? series, each game consists of a set of question and answer cards. Students are actively engaged as each player answers a question and then asks the next one. Each game includes a reproducible Active Listening and Enrichment page that provides an opportunity to extend and transfer the learning to a pencil-and- paper activity. 96-pg. books/$14.99 each CTP 2182 Gr. 3–5 CTP 2183 Gr. 6–8 Integrating Science with Reading Instruction Hands-on Science Units Combined with Reading Strategy Instruction • Gr. 1–6 These resources, written by Trisha Callella and Marilyn Marks, will integrate science with reading instruction. Each book includes 12 units with a nonfiction science story; prereading, during reading, and postreading strategies; and a hands-on science experiment. $19.99 each CTP 2814 136 pg./ Gr. 1–2 CTP 2815 152 pg./ Gr. 3–4 CTP 2816 152 pg./ Gr. 5–6 CTP 2814 Best Seller! CTP 2816 CTP 2815 See pg. 89 for Language Arts and Math titles.
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