MATH eBook Available Perfect ESL/ELL for CTP 2597 CTP 2208 Instant Math Centers Hands-on, Independent Math Activities • Gr. K–3 Includes money, time, estimating, measurement, and more. These centers are designed to reinforce NCTM standards. Each center includes a step-by-step task card, support reproducibles, and a minimal list of easy-to-find materials. 128-pg. books/$16.99 each CTP 2597 Gr. K–1 CTP 2598 Gr. 2-3 I Have, Who Has? Math A Fun, Interactive Way to Learn • Gr. K–6 The activities in these books use a series of question and answer cards. Students are engaged as each player answers a question and then asks the next one. When students reach the last card, they find that it refers back to the first card. Requires minimal preparation but results in maximum participation and effort. 204-pg. books/$21.99 each CTP 2219 Gr. 1-2 CTP 2208 Gr. 3-4 CTP 2209 Gr. 5-6 Math Minutes One Hundred Minutes to Better Basic Skills Gr. 1–8 Help students master essential math skills with the motivating, classroom-tested format featured in these books. Each book provides 100 “Minutes” of 10 problems each for students to complete within a one- to two-minute period. Math Minutes is a fun way to improve students’ problem-solving speed (crucial for testing situations) and an instant assessment tool. 112-pg. books/$16.99 each Best Seller! Best Seller! CTP 2583 Gr. 1 CTP 2584 Gr. 2 CTP 2585 Gr. 3 CTP 2586 Gr. 4 CTP 2587 Gr. 5 CTP 2634 Gr. 6 CTP 2635 Gr. 7 CTP 2636 Gr. 8 CTP 2595 Middle-Grade See pg. 66 for Math Charts The Math GNOMe and Common Core 4 A Comprehensive Guide to Creating & Managing Your Common Core Classroom • Gr. K-5 The GNOMe component focuses on the expectations outlined in the Common Core Standards. The Common Core 4 component refers to the four categories of independent practice activities students participate in on a consistent basis during the math block. 80-pg. books/$12.99 each CTP 3110 Grade K CTP 3111 Grade 1 CTP 3112 Grade 2 Algebra Puzzles Build Pre-Algebra and Algebra Skills through Puzzles and Problems • Gr. 6–8 Not your typical algebra workbook, Algebra Puzzles uses games, puzzles, and other problem-solving activities to give students fresh, new ways of exploring learned concepts. While reviewing essential concepts and vocabulary for pre-algebra and algebra, the book helps students visualize and think more deeply about these abstract ideas. The perfect antidote to algebra anxiety. CTP 2569...............80 pg./$13.99 CTP 3113 Grade 3 CTP 3114 Grade 4 CTP 3115 Grade 5 Best Seller!
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