CHALKBOARD WORKBOOKS Chalkboard Workbooks Perfect for classroom and home! Designed for teachers with parents in mind, this workbook series promotes student confidence, learning, and success and offers the ideal supplement to enhance or enrich any curriculum. These must-have books: • Include manageable activities that reinforce essential skills and concepts • Meet standards and cover curriculum efficiently and effectively • Provide a consistent, clear approach Daily Math Workbooks • Gr. 1-6 In each Daily Math workbook, activities for each day of the week focus on a specific math strand, including number sense and operations, patterning and algebra, measurement, fractions, geometry, and data management. Features ready-to-go, reproducible activities! $15.99 each Gr. 1-3 (98-pg. books) includes: • Number Sense and Operations • Patterning and Algebra • Geometry • Measurement • Data Management Gr. 4-6 (102-pg. books) includes: • Operations and Algebraic Thinking • Operations in Base Ten • Fractions • Geometry • Measurement and Data CTP 8187 Grade 1 CTP 8188 Grade 2 CTP 8189 Grade 3 CTP 8190 Grade 4 CTP 8191 Grade 5 CTP 8192 Grade 6 CTP 8190 Grade 4 CTP 8189 Grade 3 Daily Reading Comprehension Workbooks • Gr. 1-6 These workbooks contain reading passages that encourage students to read with a purpose. Follow-up questions emphasize critical thinking, making text connections, inferencing, and synthesizing what students have read. Graphic organizers for extended learning and an assessment rubric for success criteria are also included. Feature ready-to-go, reproducible activities! 120-pg. books/$15.99 each Includes: • Understanding Context • Understanding Text Features • Making Text Connections • Critical Thinking • Graphic Organizers CTP 8181 Grade 1 CTP 8182 Grade 2 CTP 8183 Grade 3 CTP 8184 Grade 4 CTP 8185 Grade 5 CTP 8186 Grade 6 CTP 8183 Grade 3 CTP 8184 Grade 4
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