LANGUAGE ARTS eBook Available CTP 6119 CTP 2220 CTP 6121 I Have, Who Has? Best Seller! Language Arts A Fun, Interactive Way to Learn • Gr. K–6 The activities in these books use a series of question and answer cards. Students are engaged as each player answers a question and then asks the next one. When students reach the last card, they find that it refers back to the first card. Requires minimal preparation but results in maximum participation and effort. 204-pg. books/$21.99 each CTP 2220 Gr. 1–2 CTP 2206 Gr. 3–4 CTP 2207 Gr. 5–6 Grammar Minutes Best Seller! One Hundred Minutes to Better Basic Skills • Gr. 1–6 Each classroom-tested book provides 100 “Minutes” of 10 problems each for students to complete in a one- to two-minute period. Providing daily practice in every key area of grammar instruction, Grammar Minutes is a fun way to improve students’ problem-solving speed (crucial for testing situations) and an instant assessment tool. 112-pg. books/$16.99 each Teaching Beginning Writing Basic Writing Skills for Young Authors • Gr. K–2 This resource teaches the basics of writing to help children progress from pre-emergent to established writers. Written by Jo Fitzpatrick, author of best-selling Phonemic Awareness, this resource will help young writers: • organize what they want to say • discover vocabulary to say it • use structure to write it CTP 2299.....................112 pg./$15.99 CTP 6119 Gr. 1 CTP 6120 Gr. 2 CTP 6121 Gr. 3 CTP 6122 Gr. 4 CTP 6123 Gr. 5 CTP 6124 Gr. 6 Figuratively Speaking Using Classic Literature to Teach 40 Literary Terms • Gr. 5–8 Divided into sections on figurative language, poetic language, and literacy techniques, the book covers hyperbole, metaphor, irony, imagery, dialect, plot, alliteration, onomatopoeia, allusion, conflict, and much more! LW-1020........................136 pg./$17.99 Making Your Word Wall More Interactive Analogies An Ideal Way to Introduce Analogies to Primary Students! • Gr. 2–4 This resource includes analogies using synonyms, antonyms, homophones, plurals, rhyming words, and lots more. Strengthens vocabulary, critical-thinking, and test-taking skills. CTP 3371.....................48 pg./$10.99 Dozens of Ideas to Extend the Use of Any Word Wall • Gr. 1-3 This resource book, written by Trisha Callella, provides ways for students to interact with words and build strong literacy skills. Activities are organized by whole-class, small-group, and independent study. CTP 2282........................96 pg./$14.99 Best Seller! Best Seller!
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