CONTENT-BASED BULLETIN BOARDS STEM/STEAM on pg. 17 MORE New! STEM/STEAM Bulletin Board This 42-piece set provides a versatile visual tool to introduce STEM and STEAM concepts, guide students through the engineering design process, and accent any STEM/STEAM display! Set includes: 5 large individual STEAM letters (approx. 7" high) 5 STEAM headlines - Science (131/2" x 33/4"), Technology (203/4" x 33/4"), Engineering (203/4" x 33/4"), Arts (81/2" x 33/4"), Math (91/2" x 33/4") 5 STEAM subject-related mini-posters with characteristics of each (43/4" x 13") 20 subject-related accents representing the different areas of STEAM 1 Engineering Design Process chart (17" x 17") 6 gears, multiple sizes (from 71/2" to 3.½") CTP 2962.........................$12.99 New! STEM/STEAM Jumbo Words Bulletin Board Set contains large 8” letters that spell out commonly used STEM- and STEAM-related words that can be used around the classroom, school, makerspace, or other learning space. 42 individual uppercase letters. CTP 3116.........................$12.99
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