CONTENT-BASED BULLETIN BOARDS All pieces may not be shown Visit our website to view the complete collection Plants • Gr. K-2 Use this 30-piece set to help students learn what plants need to survive, identify the parts of a plant and their functions, learn about edible plants, describe the life cycle of a plant, comprehend plant habitats and adaptations, identify parts of a seed, and describe how seeds travel. Contains an activity guide with lesson and display ideas and related learning standards. CTP 6988.................30 pieces/$7.99 Life Cycles • Gr. K-2 Use this 48-piece set to help students understand common animal and plant life cycles and identify the correct sequence in their life cycles. Enclosed activity guide includes list of relevant science standards, a list of academic vocabulary and definitions, display ideas, and classroom activities. CTP 6991..............48 pieces/$7.99 Includes 3 complete life cycles with arrows: • Sunflower • Frog • Butterfly 2 life cycle cards: • Chicken • Jumping Spider Earth, Moon, and Stars • Gr. 1 and Up How do the sun, moon, and stars affect what we observe on Earth? Use this set to help students learn academic vocabulary relating to Earth, the moon, and stars; describe what causes night and day and the seasons; identify the phases of the moon and why they occur; comprehend what causes lunar and solar eclipses; learn what causes daily changes in the length and directions of shadows; and understand the different positions of the sun, moon, and stars at different times of the day, month, and year. CTP 6989.........19 pieces/$7.99 Human Body • Gr. 3 and Up This set will help teach students the main systems of the human body: circulatory system, skeletal and muscular systems, digestive system, and respiratory system. Topics covered include types of muscles, inside the lungs, breathing process, joints, the heart, blood vessels, digestion in the mouth, and small intestine absorption. Also contains an activity guide with lesson and display ideas and related learning standards. CTP 6987...........12 pieces/$7.99 Best Seller!
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