AT HOME & SCHOOL eBook Available Power Practice: Red Series • Gr. 1-6 Boost Skills Through Targeted Practice The Power Practice Red series helps students master specific, must-know skills that are often tricky and require extra practice. Each book explores one or two skills in depth by presenting them in a logical, sequenced progression of smaller objectives so that your child builds to complete mastery of the skill. All content is based on national math standards. Answer key included. 48-pg. books/$5.99 each Math • Gr. 1–6 Gr. 1–2 CTP 8351 Money Best Seller! CTP 8353 Addition and Subtraction Language Arts • Gr. 3-4 $5.99 each Specific-Skills Books 48-pg. books Gr. 1-2 CTP 8364 Main Ideas and Details Gr. 3–4 CTP 8367 Fact or Opinion and Cause & Effect Gr. 3–4 CTP 8354 Multiplication and Division CTP 8355 Fractions and Decimals Gr. 5–6 CTP 8356 Fractions and Decimals 10 Main IdeaMain Idea and Details • 1–2 © 2007 Creative Teaching PressName _______________________________________________ Date ______________ What’s the Main Idea? Read each paragraph. Fill in the circle next to the statement that tells the main idea. Turtles make great pets. They don’t make any noise like some other pets do. They can eat scraps of vegetables from your dinner plate. Turtles do not need to be bathed or walked. I love my pet turtle. Main Idea O Turtles live near lakes. O Dogs need to be walked. O Turtles are great pets. O Turtles eat vegetables. I like to play in the sand. Sometimes I make sand castles. I like to make cakes and pies in the sand. Sometimes I sift the sand to remove the tiny rocks and make soft sand. My sandbox is my favorite place to play. Main Idea O You can play in the sand at the beach. O You can do many things in the sand. O You can find sand in the desert. O It is fun to play on the swings. If you look at the clouds, you can see many things. One time, I saw a cowboy riding a horse. Sometimes my sister thinks she sees a princess. My mom likes to look for flower shapes in the clouds. What do you see in the clouds? Main Idea O Clouds can look like many different things. O Clouds produce rain. O Sunsets are beautiful. O You can find flower shapes in the clouds. 123 CTP 8356 CTP 8364 Power Practice: Blue Series • Gr. 1-8 Reinforce and Master Fundamentals More pages, more practice!! Repeated practice is a powerful, proven learning method for mastering new skills. Each book in the Power Practice Blue series contains 100 activity pages designed to provide a solid foundation of essential skills necessary for success in the classroom and on standardized exams. The Blue series sharpens students’ skills while enhancing overall knowledge, proficiency, accuracy, and speed. All content is based on national grade-level standards. Answer key included. 128-pg. books/$14.99 each Math • Gr. 1-8 Math Logic & Word Problems CTP 8334 Gr. 3-4 CTP 8335 Gr. 5-6 Standards-Based Math CTP 8318 Gr. 5-6 Timed Tests CTP 8314 Gr. 2-5, Addition and Subtraction CTP 8315 Gr. 2-5, Multiplication and Division Pre-Algebra CTP 8320 Gr. 5-8 Algebra CTP 8321 Gr. 5-8 Geometry CTP 8322 Gr. 5-8 Writing • Gr. 2-5 Cursive Handwriting Best Seller! CTP 8301 Gr. 2-5 “Great Resource! Really good useful worksheets for Physical Science teachers.” - Online Review Word Games CTP 8327 Gr. 2-3 $14.99 each 128-pg. books CTP 8303 Science • Gr. 1-8 Science CTP 8324 Gr. 1-2 CTP 8325 Gr. 3-4 CTP 8326 Gr. 5-6 Human Body CTP 8302 Gr. 5-8 Life Science CTP 8303 Gr. 5-8 Physical Science CTP 8304 Gr. 5-8
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