STICKERS AND CROWNS Inspire U Motivational Stickers Inspire U motivational stickers add just a bit of inspiration wherever it is needed! On a child’s paper, in a scrapbook, on a greeting card, or on a gift for a loved one, these stickers motivate, inspire, and put a smile on the face of people of all ages. Includes 5 each of 4 designs. 20 stickers. 2" x 2¼." Acid-free. $2.99 per package New! Lesson Planner Stickers SEE pg. 88 OFWEEK18 Lesson Plan Book © 2017 Creative Teaching Press SUBJECT: Lesson Plan Book © 2017 Creative Teaching Press 19 New Product CTP 4236 Upcycle Style CTP 4235 Chalk It Up! CTP 4407 Superheroes Birthday 50 stickers New! CTP 8452 Birthday Donuts 55 stickers See More Birthday Products on pg. 34 CTP 4406 Owls Happy Birthday 60 stickers CTP 2171 Student Numbers 180 stickers New! CTP 2817 Happy Birthday CTP 2558 Happy Birthday Best Seller! Crowns Each adjust-to-fit crown measures 24" x 6½". 30 crowns per package. $12.99 each CTP 2566 Graduation CTP 2565 Happy Birthday
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