AWARDS Large Awards Recognize exceptional students and celebrate special occasions with these whimsical awards. Perfect for graduation or promotion! 50 colorful awards per package. 8½" x 11" $5.49 each CTP 2536 Upcycle Style CTP 2537 Woodland Friends CTP 2563 Safari Friends CTP 2564 Bold & Bright CTP 0673 Paint Chip CTP 0674 Chevron CTP 1398 Preschool Certificate CTP 1316 Fantastic! Best Seller! Awards These awards are easy to personalize and will become a memento that students and their parents will treasure. 30 colorful awards per package. 5½" x 8½" $3.99 each CTP 0696 Happy Birthday Available MARCH 2017 CTP 2518 Happy Birthday! CTP 1311 Superhero CTP 2516 Super Job! CTP 2481 Happy Birthday CTP 2517 Well Done! CTP 1315 Awesome! Best Seller! CTP 1331 Polka Dot Party CTP 1313 Happy Birthday! CTP 2527 Look Whoo’s Great CTP 1373 Awesome Job! CTP 1314 Hooray for the 100th Day CTP 1332 You Did It! Best Seller! CTP 1317 Way to Go! CTP © 2007 CTP 1318 Star Student Best Seller! CTP 1265 Happy Birthday! CTP 1312 Fantastic! CTP 1372 Happy Birthday CTP 1333 Wow! 59 Creative Teaching Press® Visit your local teacher supply store for these items and more!
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