LETTER STICKERS Visit our website for more information on each pack Letter Stickers These stickers make creating personalized notes, posters, or labels as easy as A-B-C! 1" stickers come with colorful letters, punctuation marks, and numerals. 2" stickers include only uppercase letters. All stickers are acid-free. 1" Letter Stickers $2.99 per package Uppercase sets have 133 pieces. Lowercase sets have 155 pieces. 2" Letter Stickers $4.99 per package Appoximately 60-70 uppercase pieces. UC = Uppercase LC = Lowercase CTP 4839 Upcycle Style 2" UC Letter Stickers 74 letters per package. $4.99 Best Seller! CTP 2103 Chalkboard 2" UC Letters 65 uppercase letters per set $4.99 Best Seller! CTP 2102 Chalkboard 1" UC Letters 121 letters per set $2.49 Best Seller! Actual sizes! 2" CTP 2080 Poppy Red UC–2" CTP 2086 Turquoise UC–2" 1" CTP 2082 Orange UC–2" CTP 2087 Blue UC–2" CTP 2098 Classroom Café UC–2” CTP 2084 Yellow UC–2" CTP 2088 Purple UC–2" CTP 4394 Chevron Solids UC–1" CTP 4399 Chevron Solids UC–2" CTP 4393 Bold Brights UC–1" CTP 4398 Bold Brights UC–2" CTP 2085 Lime Green UC–2" CTP 2090 Slate Gray UC–2" CTP 4397 Fancy Black UC–2" CTP 4632 Black Dot-to-Dot UC–1" Best Seller! CTP 4633 Black Dot-to-Dot LC–1" CTP 4193 Black Dot-to-Dot UC–2" CTP 4194 Black Spumoni UC–2" Best Seller! CTP 4628 Poppin' Patterns UC–1" CTP 4191 Poppin' Patterns UC–2" Greek Letter Stickers 1" contains 109 pieces $2.99 each 2" contains 64 pieces $4.99 each 5" Punch-Out Greek Letters Each package contains 96 pieces consisting of upper and lowercase letters, punctuation marks, and numerals. Letters are 2"-4" tall. $8.99 per package CS91202 2" Black Greek Letters CS91201 1" Black Greek Letters CS91505 Pink Greek Letters CS91501 Black Greek Letters CS91204 2" Pink Greek Letters CS91203 1" Pink Greek Letters
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