NAME PLATES Use a chalk marker, poster marker, or paint pen to write on this product. CTP 4299 Bold Stripes & Dots CTP 3899 Emoji Fun CTP 4401 Rainbow Scallops CTP 4464 Rustic Stripes CTP 4400 Woodland Friends CTP 4298 Safari Friends Name Plates Personalize students' desks, cubbies, lockers, or folders with these fun, colorful designs. 36 name plates per package. 91/2" x 31/4" $4.99 per package CTP 4454 Orange Paint Chip CTP 4453 Ombré Poppy Red Herringbone CTP 4517 Chevron Solids Best Seller! CTP 4455 Ombré Yellow Moroccan CTP 4456 Ombré Lime Green Hexagons (Includes 4 colors) CTP 0170 Chevron CTP 4458 Blue Paint Chip CTP 4457 Turquoise Paint Chip CTP 4463 Swirls & Twirls Best Seller! CTP 4460 Slate Gray Paint Chip CTP 4459 Ombré Purple Radiant Stars CTP 4521 Dots on Turquoise Best Seller! CTP 4499 Dots on Black Best Seller! CTP 3895 Alphabet CTP 3888 Polka Dot Party CTP 4492 Smiling Stick Kids CTP 4520 Poppin’ Patterns Stars
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