49 LIBRARY POCKETS Library Pockets These multi-tasking pockets come in two sizes! Brightly colored pockets come in single or multi-design packages and are great for classroom activities, job charts, storing small items or game pieces, classroom library, center management, and scrapbooking. For more classroom uses, visit inspiredinstyle.com or www.creativeteaching.com/usinglibrarypockets Standard Pockets • 3¼" x 4½" 9" x 12" Extra-Large Pockets • 35 per package....$5.99 each 10 per package....$9.99 each CTP 6742 CTP 6743 Upcycle Style CTP 6744 CTP 6997 Woodland Friends Dots on Black CTP 6917 Slate Gray Paint Chip CTP 6790 Ombré Purple Radiant Stars CTP 6789 Blue Paint Chip CTP 6788 Turquoise Paint Chip CTP 6787 Lime Green Hexagons CTP 6786 Ombré Yellow Moroccan CTP 6785 Orange Paint Chip CTP 6784 Ombré Poppy Red Herringbone CTP 6783 Dots on Turquoise CTP 6920 Chalk Dots CTP 6925 Chevron Best Seller! CTP 6923 CTP 6928 Poppin' Patterns CTP 6918 CHEVRONCOLLECTION BW Collection CTP 1335 HOLDS Perfect for an 8½'' x 11'' piece of paper! 50 up to sheets CTP 6927 Dots on Chalkboard CTP 6929 Classic Black & Gray CTP 6926 Paint Chips
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