41 Creative Teaching Press® Visit your local teacher supply store for these items and more! New! MAGNETIC DÉCOR STRIPS Now in 2 sizes! Magnetic Décor Strips Magnetic Decor Strips for whiteboards and classrooms! Use magnetic strips on any magnetic surface, including whiteboards, bulletin boards, file cabinets, lockers, and steel doors. Strips are reusable and can be easily cut with scissors to customize the length. New LARGE Size! Magnetic Décor Strips 24” x 1¼” 24 feet per package $10.99 per package Magnetic! Magnetic! CTP 8398 Safari Friends CTP 8401 Safari Leaves Magnetic! New Size! CTP 8404 Emoji Magnetic Décor Strips 12” x ¾” 12 feet per package $5.99 per package Magnetic! CTP 8392 Ombré Rainbow Scallops CTP 8400 Colorful Spots CTP 8403 Push Pins CTP 8397 Woodland Friends CTP 8399 Bold Stripes CTP 8395 Rustic Medallions CTP 8396 Stars CTP 8394 Lightbulbs CTP 8393 Dotted Swirl Check out our new Magnetic décor strips! Sample of creative use
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