MAGNETIC CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT Use with a magnetic whiteboard or in a pocket chart! Easy Daysies Classroom Management Magnets These durable, easy-to-use schedule magnets make creating, posting, and changing the daily classroom schedule a snap! No more laminated paper or dry erase pens that get smudged, taped on, or velcroed on paper! These ready-to-go magnets save time and are an effective classroom management tool! This tool: • shows students the "shape of the day" and provides smoother transitions. • lessens student anxiety and improves cooperation. • fosters independence and confidence in students. • is ideal for children with special needs who thrive off visual routines and predicatability. Each set includes 18 durable, illustrated magnets. $19.99 each CTP 1866 PreK-K CTP 1867 Grades 1 & Up More than just a simple magnet! • Magnets are 8" x 2½" for easy viewing from a distance. • Images are simple enough for non-readers of any age to read and understand. • The light blue background is a soothing color that evokes a feeling of calmness and helps children have less anxiety about their day. CTP 1867 Grades 1 & Up CTP 1866 PreK-K A teacher favorite! “I like that each student is able to read or visually see our daily schedule whether they were readers or non-readers. I found that with the schedule there were less questions like ‘When are we going to...’ and ‘When is it snack time?’ etc. It helped to keep the students on task and the day more structured.” -Angela, Gr. 1 & 2 Teacher Includes 18 durable, illustrated magnets. • Art • Centers • Circle Time • Clean Up • Excercise • Exploration • Field Trip • Language • Library • Lunch • Music • Numbers • Pack Bag • Play Outside • Snack Time • Wash Hands • 2 blank magnets
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