SEASONAL DÉCOR All pieces may not be shown. Visit our website to view the complete collection. New! Happy Va-llama-tine’s Day Mini Bulletin Board This versatile 19-piece set includes 1 “Happy Va-llama-tine's Day” sign (14" x 6"), 8 decorative hearts (approx. 5½" x 6"), 2 blank speech bubbles (approx. 6½" x 5½"), 1 large llama cut-out (5½" x 14½"), 4 friendship sayings (approx. 7" x 6"), 1 blank sign (13¾" x 6"), 1 February 14th cut-out (6" x 5½") and 1 “Recipe for Friendship” mini-poster (6" x 21"). CTP 3117........................$7.99 Chalk It Up! Chalk Hearts Mini Bulletin Board The cute pieces in this set will create a festive valentine display, as well as encourage students to be a friend. CTP 1733.......................$7.99 LLOVE I La-La-Like YOU! Sample of creative use Sending llots of llove! Use a chalk marker, poster marker, or paint pen to write on this product. Garden of Good Manners Mini Bulletin Board Ensure that good manners are always blooming with the pieces in this vibrant 21-piece set! Use the flower box, 9 pre-labeled “manners” flowers, 2 signs, and 8 additional accent pieces to create a “Garden of Good Manners” that students can refer to all year long. Pieces vary in size from 2¾” x 3¼” to 18” x 5”. CTP 6949 ..................$7.99 Dress for the Weather Bulletin Board • Gr. K-1 Teach about weather, seasonal changes, and dressing appropriately for different types of weather. This 57-piece set contains 1 window (12" x 17½") and 4 seasonal scenes, a weather spinner, 4 season titles, 4 temperature words, 1 dress-up kid (8¾" x 13½"), and 41 pieces of clothing, shoes, and accessories. Perfect for use during circle time each morning. CTP 1640..................$12.99
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