BIRTHDAY Use a chalk marker, poster marker, or paint pen to write on this product. More! birthday Products on pgs. 3, 9, & 16 Happy Birthday Mini Bulletin Board Charming toadstools give this Woodland Friends mini bulletin board set a whimsical look. The seasonal toadstool "cupcakes" and woodland-themed candles can be displayed atop the cute tree stump decorated with birthday pennants. This 58-piece set includes a “Happy Birthday” headline, a tree stump pedestal, 12 month toadstool cupcakes, 36 student candles, a "Today is Your Day" squirrel accent, and a fox with a blank sign. The playful designs are perfect for a variety of classroom themes and displays, including camping, nature, outdoors, science, animals, and more. Pieces range in size from 11/8" x 55/8" to 21" x 8." CTP 1758...........................$7.99 Happy Birthday Mini Bulletin Board CTP 6961....................$7.99 Best Seller! Jolene Happy Birthday Mini Bulletin Board Celebrate birthdays with the 57 pieces in this stylish and colorful set. Contains 12 month cake slices, 42 candles, 1 “Happy Birthday” headline, 1 badge, 1 picture frame, and an activity guide. Pieces range in size from 1" x 4½" to 21" x 5¾." CTP 6950....................$7.99 Grace Happy Birthday Mini Bulletin Board Say "Happy Birthday!" in Upcycle Style with these colorful cupcakes. Set includes 50 pieces: one “Happy Birthday” headline, 12 month cupcakes, 36 student mini flags, and 1 blank frame. Pieces range in size from 23/8" x 5½" to 21" x 6". Cupcakes are approximately 53/8" x 5½". Student pieces are approximately 23/8" x 5½". CTP 0599................$7.99 Happy Birthday Mini Bulletin Board Celebrate student birthdays and create a bulletin board display to highlight the birthdays in every month. Or, for small spaces, highlight birthdays one month at a time. Set contains 12 month cupcakes, 36 candles, 1 birthday banner, 1 cupcake stand, 1 picture frame, 1 birthday badge, 1 decorative gift bag, 1 decorative package, and a guide with activity and display ideas. Pieces range in size from 1" x 4¾" to 19¾" x 5¼." CTP 6958 ..................... $7.99 Dylan Nessa Best Seller! New! Emoji Fun Happy Birthday Crown This festive birthday crown features a smiling emoji face with celebratory confetti, balloons, presents, and cake emoji icons. Each adjust-to-fit crown measures 24" x 6½.” 30 crowns per package. CTP 2565..............$12.99
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